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The company introduces

My factory beginning constructed in 1990, was the stone material
processing majorindustry, got down supposes ten branch factories,
proliferated each place, respectively was:Machine-made cobblestone   main plant; The day burns the plate processing factory; Marble factory; Classical Shi Chang; Maifan rock factory; Calcium powder
processing factory; Mine crushed stone processing factory; Article

fossil processing factory; The day burns the river pebbles factory;The ash whets the crag processing factory. The production product by   the machine-made cobblestone, the cloud crushed stone, the naturaljade primarily, other has the flagstone, the strange stone, thearticle fossil and so on, altogether more than 30 varieties. The product sells in distant markets American, Japanese, the Southeast Asia area, charge d'affaires the road, the railroad, the sea route transportation. Product luster bright, color complete, pure, does not have the impurity, the variety is diverse, can maximum limit meet your  need, and has the different specification the packing, supplies goodspromptly, guaranteed provides the high quality product and the consummation service for you.

    For many years, the first-class product, the first-class service, the
first-class prestige has received the domestic and foreign customers
one to the high praise.Chief Manager Wu Shutong takes along all staff to welcome the domesticand foreign merchants to come to discuss the service!


                            Geographical position
Ihsien transportation convenient, correspondence developed, the   energy is sufficient, geography positionSets superiorly: Is in Beijing, Tianjin, guarantees the triangle region. Northing Beijing 120 male In, east is apart from the Tianjin 180 kilometers, south is apart from the Baoding 80 kilometers.The Beijing original railroad crosses northeast the county boundary,high is easy (Gao Beidian - to be easy The county) the railroad goes directly to the county seat."112" the federal highway, the Beijing broad west line, are easy Decides, Yi Huang, Hsahtung, Beijing spreads across with the road. My factory is located in the county seat, the Ihsien motor station by the northern 1000 kilometers place,"112" federal highway from factory front door mouth process. Chief Manager Wu Shutong takes along the entire factory staff, warm welcome general friends Comes my factory to be a guest, the inspection, the discussion  service

Name:Color stone general factory of Yi conty of Hebei

Address:Ihsien motor station toward west 1,000 meter Lu Bei

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