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                         Environment resources

      The Ihsien county party committee, the county government
formulated "has depended on the resources, opened Xing Xian"
developmental strategy, not only investment environment good, moreover
the natural resource was rich. County-wide has verified the metal and
the nonmetalliferous ore reach 39 kinds, by the golden ore, the
granite, the iron ore, the dolomite, the limestone, the vermiculite,
the marble and the building sand reserves is richest.
The granite reserves above 500 million cubic meters, the product
doubles the domestic and foreign businessmen is welcome, to sell in
distant markets Southeast Asia, Japan, US and so on more than 50
countries and the area. In 1999 the Ihsien pink granite lays down in
the Tiananmen Square, by name "first under heaven stone".
      The Maifan rock reserves amounts to more than 30 million tons.
Includes 30 many kinds of to the human body beneficial trace element,
is the natural health care high quality goods.
      The natural flagstone reserves is rich, is the Asian biggest
production, the exportation collection and distribution base. The
product exports to the date, America, Europe and so on many countries.
Enjoys "the world flagstone in China, the Chinese flagstone in easy
state" laudatory name.
     The Ihsien North China area biggest basalt production base, the annualutput amounts to several million cubic meters. At present constructs Beijing Shen, Tianjin guarantee, the Beijing depth and so on the highway majority of all is selects Ihsien the basalt stone material.


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